Our 100% Organic Сoconut water

Do you think drinking plain water is too mainstream? Are you looking for healthier, more natural alternatives for hydration? If so, then COCOZIA® 100% organic coconut water might be the one for you. This is the best and the most delicious way to stay hydrated. With no added sugar and processed ingredients of any kind, our coco water is a healthier alternative to all those additive-laden synthetic drinks out there.

What makes us unique?

We, at COCOZIA®, are different from other coconut water companies because of the supreme importance we accord to the health-value of our products while, at the same time, not compromising on their taste. This makes us the best coconut water brand in the world. Our products are free from any additives like sweeteners and preservatives, non-GMO project verified and gluten-free.

COCOZIA® is manufactured and distributed by Epicurex LLC. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality drinks and bringing natural flavors within your reach.

Our products

COCOZIA® 100% organic coconut water (11.1 & 16.9 ounces)

With a natural abundance of potassium, magnesium, and other electrolytes, our coconut water is a perfect mix of taste and health. Enjoy the flavor of far-away exotic lands and stay hydrated on the go. Find out more here for Cocozia Original 11.1 oz and here for Cocozia Original 16.9 oz.

COCOZIA® organic coconut water with chocolate (16.9 ounces)

For the die-hard chocoholics out there, our chocolate-infused coconut water is just what you are looking for. What’s more, if your children do not like coconut water, it’s not a problem. They can savor the taste of chocolate while reaping all the health benefits of coconut water with this. Smoothies will never be the same again! Find out more here.

COCOZIA® 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil (16.9 ounces)

Supplement your natural lifestyle with our organic extra virgin coconut oil – be it baking, cooking, skin care and hair care. Our coconut oil will not only help you maintain healthy weight, but also boost your immune system so you stay strong and live long. Find out more here.


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