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New Refreshing COCOZIA®
with Chocolate!

Satisfy the chocolate lover in you and hydrate yourself at the same time. Our coconut water has been infused with a light, all-natural chocolate flavoring that is both savory and refreshing. One sip and you’ll be hooked!

New Refreshing COCOZIA®
with Coffee!

We were nothing short of inspired when we married the smooth and mellow flavor of coffee with the refreshing essence of coconut. Every sip is reminiscent of the invigorating aroma of a newly opened bag of coffee beans.

New Refreshing COCOZIA®
with Mango!

Give your taste buds a zing with this mango-inspired coconut water drink, all while giving your body the hydration that it needs to be successful throughout the day. The perfect choice for those with a healthy and active lifestyle.

New Refreshing COCOZIA®
with Pineapple!

In our newest addition to the Cocozia family we’ve paired the hydrating power of all-natural coconut water with the zest and tangy sweetness of organic pineapple. It’s a match made in a tropical island paradise!

COCOZIA® 100% Organic Coconut Water (330 mL)
Hydration the way you want it – Naturally refreshing and delicious! With the right amount of hydration, it’s easier for your body to do just about everything. Fresh, pure water is a natural source of energy, beauty, and total body health. The list of water’s benefits is endless, but just as important as the hydration your body needs is the hydration source you choose
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COCOZIA® 100% Organic Coconut Water
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St. Augustine (Elkton)
4055 Deerpark Blvd.
PO Box 410 Elkton, FL 32033
Tel: 904-824-4699
225 Cross Farm Lane
York, PA 17406
Tel: 717-266-7800
UNFI Chesterfield
71 Stow Dr, Chesterfield
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Hydration doesn’t have to be boring! These easy COCOZIA® Coconut Water recipes help you add fluid to your diet and flavor to your day.
News & Event
  • COCOZIA® Coconut Water Hits the Shelves of Whole Foods Market Chain Stores in Florida

    Epicurex makes COCOZIA® coconut water available in Whole Foods Market Chain Stores in Florida to help more people enjoy a happier, healthier and organic life.
    Committed to providing its customers with organic goodness all-year round, Epicurex is proud of the success that COCOZIA® has garnered and hope more people will enjoy the 100% organic and hydrating coconut drink.…

  • COCOZIA® had plenty of fun at Mack Cycle Trilogy

    We visited a wonderful event on Sunday. It was great! We liked it so much and had plenty of fun there. Besides, many people tasted COCOZIA® and they really enjoyed it. Do you see these happy faces? You can be one of these people next time, because there will be much more events like this ;) Follow our news!…

  • 02 Aug - 03 Aug COCOZIA® at Dig the Beach Volleyball Event in Pompano Beach
    As always, we will bring a lot of our COCOZIA so everyone could taste and evaluate it on such a hot day.
  • 26 Jul - 27 Jul COCOZIA® comes to Dig the Beach Volleyball Event again
    COCOZIA® takes part in this event in the past. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to attend again!
  • 20 Jul - 20 Jul COCOZIA® is a HAPPY part of Triathlon Trilogy Series
    This time we are going to take part in one of the longest running triathlon series in South Florida.
  • Independence Day!

    With great pleasure, COCOZIA team congratulates you, our dear clients and business partners, on Independence Day. Celebrate your freedom! We hope that the Day of Freedom will be filled with joy and the greatest mood. But do not forget to stay hydrated!…


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